Green Field Solutions’ Environmental Impact in 2020

Today’s increasing global demand for food stands in stark contrast to the world’s limited natural resources, an equation we at Green Field Solutions are tackling by improving sustainable food production and reducing food waste. 

From our 2020 launch, we set out to scientifically and systematically reduce global food waste and its environmental impact by creating value and potential for otherwise discarded by-products. In our first year, GFS rerouted more than a billion pounds of by-products from landfills, in part by converting food waste to animal feed and pet food. 

Environmental benefits of reducing food waste

We believe that strategic partnerships are pivotal to making a significant environmental impact. In 2020, GFS upcycled approximately 1.75 billion pounds of residual food product as a result of strong industry partnerships. This kept 486,725 million tons (MTCO2e) of carbon monoxide from the atmosphere, which has the equivalent environmental benefit of 596,325 million acres of U.S. forests. 

Food waste facts and environmental impact

Keeping food waste out of landfills is one thing; giving it higher purpose by putting it safely back into animal feed and pet food as high-quality, nutritious ingredients is quite another. In 2020, the 1.75 billion pounds of excess food resources we kept from leaving the supply chain, instead supplemented the diets of more than one million pigs. As a result, this allowed for the creation of over 49 million servings of protein that fed approximately 130,000 people. 

This is the embodiment of the circular economy model, sustainable food manufacturing and responsible agribusiness. 

Green Field Solutions commitment to a food secure future

“At our core is our passion for meeting the needs of our clients, partners and customers, while making the most out of excess food resources,” said Tony Armitage, director of Green Field Solutions. “GFS has developed a set of competencies that are perfectly suited to find solutions for up-cycling by-products into nutritious ingredients for animal feed and pet food.” 

By partnering with Green Field Solutions, some of the world’s largest food manufacturers are contributing to a better global food source and greener planet. Our commitment to researching and discovering the best economic use for our clients’ food by-products is at the same time a commitment to reducing food waste and improving sustainable food production. At GFS, we look forward to an even bigger environmental impact in 2021.