Green Field Solutions is committed to scientifically and systematically reducing global food waste and its environmental impact. We do that by creating value and potential for otherwise discarded food by-products. In 2021, GFS rerouted more than a billion pounds of by-products from landfills.

We partnered with new clients, created new projects and added a full-range of organic and inorganic recycling services to better serve our clients. Green Field Solutions also welcomed three incredible team members last year.

Food Waste Facts and Infographic

The 1.1 billion pounds of food residuals that GFS upcycled in 2021 were used as ingredients in sustainable animal feed and pet food. That allowed our clients to prevent 295,000 metric tons of CO2 and 355 metric tons of methane from entering the atmosphere. That is the environmental equivalent to 371,000 acres of U.S. forests in one year!

In 2022, Green Field Solutions is looking to continue its growth with a customized, proprietary data reporting system for recycling, which will be compatible with national and international standards.

Bigger Better Impact

By partnering with Green Field Solutions, some of the world’s largest food manufacturers are contributing to a better global food source and greener planet. Our commitment to researching and discovering the best economic use for our clients’ food by-products is at the same time a commitment to reducing food waste and improving sustainable food production. At GFS, we look forward to an even bigger environmental impact in 2022.