Green Field Solutions is positioned to triple its size in the coming three-to-five years. With a clear strategic focus and a strong competitive advantage, the Green Field Solutions team is updating its startup focus on “getting out of the garage” to a growth-forward emphasis on “effectively managing growth.”

Before we look forward, however, let’s start at the beginning. Green Field Solutions became the newest member of International Companies in January 2020. Since then, GFS has become a leader in food waste systems, driving innovations in food waste management and food production and sustainability across a full range of products, such as: cheese, dairy, chocolate and candy, bakery and snacks, brewer’s yeast, and oils and meats.

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Q&A: Steve Clyne Shares GFS Growth PlansSteve Clyne

Steve Clyne is clueing us in on what to expect from Green Field Solutions in the upcoming years. Steve holds our brand new director of corporate sales role. Steve was born and raised in the St. Louis area. He joined GFS in 2022. Before then, he held sales management positions at companies like American Foods Group, Tyson Foods, AdvancePierre Foods and Louisa Food Products. He has 15+ years’ experience in account management, broadline distribution, and food product sales and marketing.

Steve, what’s next for GFS?

We want GFS to be the company that every sustainable food company and manufacturer wants to do business with…because we do it the right way! In three-to-five years, our goal is to increase our market share with additional client resources and to become the partner of choice for the world’s top food companies. All the while, we will continue to be an ethical and resourceful industry leader, and we will keep bringing the best overall value and service to our clients. We will stay true to our company culture as we grow as a one-stop food waste reduction solution for food by-products, inorganic recyclables and solid waste.

How does your newly created role support this growth?

The director of corporate sales role represents a direct resource to our corporate clients. This new position is another way GFS delivers customized value-added solutions. As our client’s food manufacturing waste management partner, we create sustainable cost savings and revenue streams from food by-products, inorganic recyclables and solid waste by maximizing their economic value. Our full-service data management both optimizes our client’s time and reduces their risk.

How does GFS find the possible in the impossible?

Green Field Solutions identifies and captures revenue streams from materials that were once assumed to have no nutritional or monetary value. One of my favorite examples is a chocolatier that was landfilling hundreds of thousands of pounds its food production waste. GFS evaluated everything the chocolatier deemed waste and identified multiple valuable materials. Now, the chocolatier converts 750,000 pounds of food waste to animal feed per year and achieves costs savings/revenue generation of $150,000-$200,000 per year. Our team repeatedly solves unique challenges like these and exceeds the expectations of our clients. In fact, it’s our long-established relationships together with our team’s market creators and R&D experts that give us the unique ability to develop solutions to many of the food industry’s waste disposal challenges that our competitors simply cannot tackle. And that’s how we make the impossible, possible.