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GFS InternsMaria Schmitt video journals about GFS internship

At Green Field Solutions, we believe that inspiring the next generation of leaders not only creates opportunities for their future but also contributes to a better future for everyone. This year, we’ve partnered with Cor Jesu Academy to develop skilled young professionals through our Corporate Partners Initiative. Recent high school graduates, Maria Schmitt (left) and Katie Bardelmeier (right) were awarded the Business and Entrepreneurial Internship and the Food Science Internship, respectively.

Throughout the summer, Schmitt and Bardelmeier gained practical work experience by participating in the mechanics and culture of what makes a small business successful. Green Field Solutions is, withal, created by an entrepreneur with a great mind for business, science and sustainability.

In two fun, video blogs, Maria talks about her experience as a Green Field Solutions intern. In her first video, she introduces the internship and shares how it has helped guide her academic studies and career. Then, she documents her trip to Cortex, where she learned about the innovation community in St. Louis.