Streamlining waste management for the world’s most sustainable food companies.


There is a better solution for food scraps, excess ingredients, and the packaging they come in - a solution that creates long-term value while contributing to a better planet.

Green Field Solutions bridges the gap between the food industry’s by-products and the need for sustainable, affordable animal feed by turning excess materials into exceptional ingredients. Green Field Solutions manages mixed waste streams for a broad range of consumer packaged goods companies. As we optimize the re-use of production waste, we enable our clients to efficiently manage their output across every facility while systematically achieving their sustainability goals on a corporate scale.

Our commitment to discovering the best economic use for our clients’ organic waste is at the same time a commitment to reducing global food waste and improving sustainable food production.


Don’t waste your waste streams.

Our team of market experts, Ph.D. animal scientists and commercial feed professionals are committed to unlocking long-term value for by-product materials and recyclables. With a broad manufacturing and operational expertise, we are able to identify new ingredients, develop new applications and create new opportunities.


From transparency to traceability, we’ve got you covered with reliable, powerful data management. We leverage our in-house logistics, quality & regulatory, accounting, and back office support to manage all aspects of regulatory documentation so you don’t have to. And we put all of this information at your fingertips with our online data portal.


Advanced research and development are the backbone of waste recovery:
  • Team of Ph.D. animal scientists, commercial feed industry and market experts
  • Animal nutrition and feeding research trials
  • Development of new applications and markets
  • Broad manufacturing and operational experience
  • Mixed recycling solutions


It takes a creative, experienced and determined team to engineer modern solutions for the complex challenges impacting many manufacturing facilities. Our in-house experts in equipment handling, logistics and plant operations give Green Field Solutions the unique ability to offer a broad range of resources that our competitors simply cannot.