Be Supply Chain Secure


A global agricultural materials company generates more than 4 million pounds of by-product at two of its largest sites. The by-product was either going to landfill or low-value outlets. The process was fragmented and hard to manage. Because they were offloading the product through traders and brokers, quality and regulatory documentation was not in place, the company didn’t know where the product was going, causing concerns about traceability and supply chain security. There was no clarity whether the material had hazards and who had the responsibility to mitigate these risks.


GFS conducted nutritional analysis on the products, demonstrating the high nutritional content potential for use in animal diets. GFS identified specific animal feed market applications that would offer maximum value for the material. By processing the product within our manufacturing systems, we upcycled the material into high-end ingredients for animal feed.

We also supplied the company sophisticated regulatory documentation, as well as sustainability metrics that described the environmental benefits of keeping the product out of landfill and replacing quality feed ingredients. The metrics also demonstrated the value of putting the product back in the food supply and feeding people.


As a result, the company turned a low value by-product into a valuable revenue stream. The project manager at the company was recognized by the CEO at a Global Town Hall for helping support the company’s sustainability efforts. The plant is currently adding more sites to the project.