Multiple Recyclables. One Solution.


Green Field Solutions offers a one-stop shop for managing a broad range of inorganic recycling as well as the sustainability reporting and data management that goes along with it. We utilize an extensive network of waste and recycling partners to ensure the best, most cost-effective waste management solution. Our full-service capabilities demonstrate how commercial waste recycling can benefit both the company and the environment.

Go Zero Waste!

Getting zero waste certified is easier than you think.

Green Field Solutions helps companies bridge the gap between setting sustainability goals and meeting them. USGBC’s TRUE certification program helps facilities with zero waste aspirations to quantify their performance and improve progress.

Making Waste Make more sense

What’s in an audit?

Even if a company is already recycling, a GFS audit can identify less obvious opportunities. Recycling cardboard and plastic, for example, is not a new concept, but there’s room to improve each bale’s value simply by understanding the industrial recycler’s strict criteria. Optimizing a facility’s floorspace, introducing more efficient equipment and recycling ingredient sacks are also ways facilities can recycle better.


Know all of your inorganic waste streams, including: cardboard, boxboard, film, paper and plastics.


We coordinate third-party waste haulers to quickly and reliably manage client needs.


Site-by-site financial and volume settlement reports, complete sustainability reporting and secure data portal.