Inorganic Recycling

Multiple recyclables. One solution.

Green Field Solutions offers a one-stop shop for managing a broad range of inorganic recycling as well as the sustainability reporting and data management that goes along with it. We start by auditing every waste stream, then formulate a strategy for managing your waste/recycling programs across any number of facilities. We utilize an extensive network of waste and recycling partners to ensure the best, most cost-effective waste management service. Our full-service capabilities demonstrate how commercial waste recycling can benefit both your company and the environment.

One Solution for Many Needs – In addition to managing inorganic recyclables — cardboard, boxboard, film, paper, plastics — Green Field Solutions also repurposes a range of organic by-products, making the most out of excess food resources.

Comprehensive Value Creation – Given our size and commercial relationships, GFS has a market leverage that is uncommon to our industry. Combined with an extensive network of trusted partners, we have the unmatched ability to create value.

Zero Waste – Meet your sustainability goals more quickly and demonstrate your commitment to circular management within your operations.

Inorganic Recycling Services

Green Field Solutions manages by-products and recyclables more sustainably, keeping them out of landfills and giving them higher purpose. Ultimately, we’re making better use of precious resources while creating value for our clients and helping them be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

What Green Field Solution Does

  • Audit: Complete waste and recycling auditing
  • Recycle: All inorganic waste streams, including: cardboard, boxboard, film, paper, plastics
  • Manage: Coordination of third-party waste haulers to quickly manage client needs
  • Report: Site-by-site financial and volume settlement reports, including: dates, weights, locations, BOLs. Access to data on inorganic recyclables and tonnage reports. Complete sustainability reporting as often as you need. Secure online data portal access wherever, whenever.

How Green Field Solution Differs

  • We service the entire U.S.
  • We have a TRUE Advisor and logistic management solutions on staff
  • We have superior market access and an extensive list of trusted partners

Why Our Clients Benefit

  • One solution for multiple recycling needs and facilities
  • Get better value for your by-products
  • Achieve Zero Waste status for your facility
  • Access to needed equipment