Complex Site Needs Many Partners


A large confectionary site has millions of pounds of multiple streams of organic by-product and recyclables. Because of the differences between and within the multiple streams a multi-faceted solution was needed. All these materials needed different homes or different solves.

The site has limited warehouse space and limited personnel to manage the complexities of these various streams. Both the recycling service and by-product offtake service were significant costs and the service was unreliable.


GFS was able to work with our exclusive recycling partner to do a site assessment to modify and improve the process and procedures around handling the recycling and food by-product. We used industry contacts to find appropriate outlets that would maximize the value of the by-product streams.


As a result, GFS leveraged its industry partnerships to provide a “one stop shop” for all the materials while directing them to their optimal applications. The site’s waste is now a revenue source rather than an operating cost.