Putting Out Fires – Large Site Has Big Problem to Solve Quickly


A very large food manufacturing site was struggling with operations and created a large amount of unusable material. The site averaged about 22 loads of by-product per month. This operational anomaly generated nearly 100 loads in one month. The amount was too much for the current service providers to handle.

The situation caused an operational slow down and the site was going to be forced to send massive quantities to the landfill. Not only did they want to avoid branded product going to landfill, but they were going to need to find outside storage because the quantity was more than landfill could take.

The site had inspections and audits coming up and they needed an immediate solution to keep it out of landfill, repurpose it and maintain supply chain security. They were struggling with the manpower needed and the logistics of getting it out of the building.


Within weeks, GFS was able to divert millions of pounds of unusable product from landfill and repurposed it as nutritious animal feed.

Due to our experience and relationships within the industry, we had the agility to tap into multiple outlets to repurpose the product.


The plant was able to avoid major service disruptions. GFS helped the plant avoid more than $100,000 of costs related to landfill fees and captured more value for the by-product.

The site operations manager was highly appreciative for what GFS was able to make happen for them.