When Aging Equipment Stalls Value


Aging equipment posed a particularly costly dilemma for an American food conglomerate known for its breakfast cereals, oatmeal and snack foods. As the company’s industrial waste handling equipment began to break down, so did the value of its by-products in the marketplace. Compactors grew outdated and tractor trailers became unfit for interstate travel, greatly restricting its access to potential customers for its off-quality, off-spec food waste.

Despite the dilemma, the company had no interest in making the capital investment to purchase new tractor trailers to fit their specialized compactor equipment.


Green Field Solutions solved the bakery company’s waste removal problem by making the capital investment on the company’s behalf. GFS invested more than half of a million dollars in new equipment. It was a sustainable solution that provided the client with a fleet of tractor trailers outfitted for their specific compactors.


The new equipment proved a particularly profitable scenario for the food conglomerate. The equipment resulted in improved throughput, reduced freight expenses, expanded access to additional markets and greater revenue for the bakery’s food waste by-products. The revenue gain for the client far outweighed the investment by Green Field Solutions.