Jennifer Luchte Articles

From origin story to today's most original solutions, the GFS mantra is just one word, YES.
Bulletproofing supply chains starts with shifting sustainability from catchy motto to mainstream business model. Q&A with Innovation Forum.
IFPC Food Scientist and program instructor, Emily O’Chiu, talks about sensory testing in this edition of Q&A With a Scientist.
New and proven ways to extract valuable compounds from food and beverage residuals.
GFS hosted St. Louis AgriBusiness Club for a discussion on sustainability in food & feed manufacturing.
Green Field Solutions will be proudly introducing its team of experts in a series of food waste Q&As. But first, we asked them to reflect on 2022 progress and look ahead to 2023 goals. 
GFS is exploring innovative ways to repurpose coffee grounds, which is a massive environmental problem to the tune of 18 million tons of waste per year.
Reuse, recycle and repurpose is a lifestyle I learned from watching my grandparents. We use the same framework at Green Field Solutions as my grandfather did - repurpose everything for its best use.