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Building for Better Waste Management

Reducing waste

From construction to consumer

Green Field Solutions is taking a behind the scenes look at the lesser seen side of making our favorite confections — food manufacturing waste management. This quick case study dives into when candy meets construction.

Technology and mass manufacturing have brought many of our favorite confections to the world. As the availability and demand have increased, how it’s made must evolve, too. We believe reducing food waste starts at the beginning; and we don’t just mean the beginning of the production line. While there are many best practices to planning for sustainable food manufacturing, we’re specifically highlighting what it means to build for better waste management.

A major candy producer approached GFS to provide input into the layout and construction of a new facility for its candy bars. We consulted with the architects and engineers to consider various routes for removing its sugary co-products from the new building. The best possible flow-path for their organic waste and recycling ensured plenty of space for the refuse-removing semi-trucks to get in and get their food waste out.


Moving waste

How moving waste reduces waste

As upcycling food waste becomes easier, faster and more economical for its makers, sending it to the landfill becomes an even less appealing option. From the simplest of waste bin placements to the most complex of production processes, GFS helps companies discover the value of food by-products from construction to consumer.

This is how keeping the end in mind from the very beginning is equipping food facilities to manage their organic and inorganic waste streams in the best possible way.


Case studies

Candy by-product upcycling

Helping candy makers be more sustainable means rethinking operational processes from how food products are made to how food waste is managed. Here’s a few examples of how GFS is doing just that and getting greater value for its client’s sugary by-products:


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