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Food Waste Management Strategies for Confectioners

Repurpose Candy Infographic

Green Field Solutions partners with some of the most mouthwatering candy manufacturers not only to fight food waste, but also to generate new value for it by keeping it in the food supply chain. In fact, Green Field Solutions manages eight million pounds of candy and sugar, and 12 million pounds of chocolate and candy bars every year. That’s 20 million pounds of sweet surplus GFS converts from debt to asset.

While creating this new value, confectioners are also contributing to a sustainable food system and environmentally-forward waste management practices by keeping food waste out of landfills and in the supply chain. Identifying the right ingredients for raising healthy livestock gives the sugary scraps new purpose and, in turn, produces protein to feed people around the world. This is exactly the type of strategy needed to ensure food supply security.

Advanced Livestock Nutrition

With an expertise in animal science and nutrition, Green Field Solutions ensures every ingredient is thoroughly inspected and tested. Our animal and nutrition scientists identify the safest, most palatable and nutritious ingredients for specialized animal feed.

  • Complete USDA, FDA, FSMA and FSPCA regulatory compliance
  • High-nutrition food source for healthy livestock
  • Raw materials thoroughly tested to assure safety
  • Difficult-to-source protein and high-energy ingredients
  • Animal food-grade and sourced from U.S. food manufacturers

Comprehensive Value Creation

Experience and access to the food and feed industries are the means by which Green Field Solutions maximizes value for by-products. By continually innovating and optimizing the use of by-products, our clients are able to reach both sustainability and fiscal goals.

  • 45+ years servicing the food industry
  • Specific expertise in confectionary manufacturing, markets, regulations, operations and safety

Case Study: Confectioner in a Conundrum

See how a confectioner with millions of pounds of organic by-products and recyclables went from an expensive and unreliable off-take system to a streamlined waste management solution that improved internal procedures and maximized the value of its multiple by-product streams. Learn more.