At Green Field Solutions, we don’t just recycle and repurpose food manufacturing byproducts, we repurpose with purpose. Our purpose, partners, processes, science, and ingredients are all based on feeding people. Here’s what that looks like:

  1. Feeding People – Consumers enjoy tasty treats from food manufacturers.
  2. Repurpose – GFS works with consumer food companies to capture excess food resources, which were once destined for a landfill
  3. Partners & Process – Our partnerships and processes reduce waste, increase value of byproducts and benefit the environment.
  4. Nutrient Science – Our PhD animal nutritionists use sophisticated nutrient information to develop feed formulations.
  5. Feed Ingredients – Byproducts are reused and turned into safe, nutritious ingredients for animal feed.
  6. Healthy Animals – Farmers are able to raise healthy animals with sustainable, affordable feed.
  7. Feeding People – Meat is processed, providing affordable, healthy protein sources for people.


Repurpose Process