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With the world population expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, the race is on to secure our global food source while mitigating the impacts on the planet.
There's a new solution for sugary scraps and excess ingredients in the sweets and snacks industry that involves happy, healthy, four-legged consumers.
The Asia market covers many countries with diverse cultures, regulations and challenges. Its demand for quality, sustainable, byproduct-derived animal feed ingredients is on the rise.
Brewery by-products. See how beer making leftovers can have an economic and environmental benefit.
For Earth Week 2021, Richard Bradfield shares about how growing up on a farm inspires him create a better, more sustainable earth.
At Green Field Solutions, we don't just recycle and repurpose food manufacturing byproducts, we repurpose with purpose. Our purpose, partners, processes, science, and ingredients are all based on feeding people.
Reuse, recycle and repurpose is a lifestyle I learned from watching my grandparents. We use the same framework at Green Field Solutions as my grandfather did - repurpose everything for its best use.
In our Interviews With A Scientist series, we asked Katie Barry, PhD, about what challenges and inspires her, as well as what advise she has for aspiring female scientists.
At Green Field Solutions, our women scientists, like TingTing Wang PhD, are leaders in animal nutrition. We asked her about career, inspirations and advice on being a woman in STEM.  
Recent report by Forum for the Future talks about meeting the need for more sustainable protein sources. Can we do it by 2040?
We face unprecedented challenges in feeding the world while protecting the planet and its resources. The renewable economy is a key part of sustainable and profitable business strategies.
A global agricultural materials company generates more than 4 million pounds of by-product at two of its largest sites. The by-product was either going to landfill or low-value outlets.